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else, i will go there. >> they enacted a law that would require retailers to pay employees at least $12.50 an hour and the mayor vetoed that. they hired the workers after receiving 23,000 applications. >> they are bringing jobs to the district of columbia and shopping opportunities. >> low, low prices today means low wages every day. >> outside no celebrating, but protests. people walking with signs. they think wal-mart's title offer low prices will be the death of local businesses. >> these stores we see going up and down georgia avenue will be going away. >> both the georgia avenue and h street stores will be open seven days a week from 6 clng aim to midnight. >> new information about a d.c. officer injured. since we brought you the breaking news from the trinidad neighborhood, we learned the officer was treat and released from the hospital and the suspect is dead. the officer exchanged gunfire with the man and both were hit. the officer is part of the gun recovery unit. the shooting happened on queens street near trinidad avenue. >> we are sorting through the facts and making sure we
up what could have been a big major legal challenge to the new health care law. the justices did let an appeals court ruling stand. that rejected claims by liberty university. you might remember the challenge of the constitutionality of obama care. that requirement that employers provide health insurance or pay a penalty. barbara? >> thanks, melissa. lawmakers are debating a rule that could change the d.c. skyline. let's take a live look at the capitol hill area. a committee is holding a hearing on whether to relax a rule that requires buildings to be no taller than the width of the streets that they face. the national planning commission voted in favor of the law. they want the restricted lifts to generate more text dollars for the district. chuck bell joins us now. not any rain falling on the streets. >> a lot of cloud cover outside today. raindrops are few and far between and there is not much of a rain threat. if you look outside and see the clouds, i don't know where my umbrella is. don't worry about that. you may not have to find it again. a good stretch of relatively dry weath
events over the next three weeks that show how the new law is already helping americans. december 23rd is the deadline for enrolling in a plan that starts january 1st. >>> the next three weeks we should know if this is a turning point for the president and not just a signature health care long. deputy political editor joins us with a look ahead. the white house is is not portraying this as mission accomplished yesterday. >> they're careful not to portray it as mission accomplished. what happens if there are other problems that come up for people. not to mention still folks are getting error messages and you have insurers about data on the back end of the site. >> the president is wanting to make this a turning point not just for health care act but so he can move to other things. >> the white house has taken it on the chin the last couple months. they need to turn this aircraft carrier and have a little better news. they feel they're getting it with higher sign-ups, more traffic to the site. we'll see if that winds up being the case. >> interesting that you use aircraft carrier, remini
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3